A Deterrent to Criminal Activity

When my house was vandalized when I was on vacation, I felt so violated. I work hard for everything that I have, and someone’s idea of a joke ruined not only some of my possessions but the peace of mind I had. I suppose it could have been worse, but I also know that it did not have to happen at all. I admit that I was very angry, and that is one of the reasons I started looking at CCTV systems. I have no idea if having one would have prevented the vandalism from happening in the first place, but I do know that we would have known who had done it if I would have had security cameras installed.

I knew that I may never know why it happened or who did it, but I vowed to not be a victim like this again. I knew that the only way I could protect myself or at least get the person who does something like this again was by having cameras installed. Continue reading “A Deterrent to Criminal Activity”

Shooting Clay Pigeons with Friends

When my buddy told me he wanted to go clay pigeon shooting, I invited myself along. I had no idea what all it involved or where we would even go to do this, but it just sounded like fun. He told me he had never shot clays before either, but his enthusiasm was just as strong as mine. We looked around at different places that offer this kind of shooting, and we decided that Lady’s Wood would be the best place. They offer instruction to people like us, and the reviews that we read from others who learned there was all the proof we needed that this was the right place to learn.

Our instructor was friendly, and he was extremely knowledgeable about the sport. He told us he had been shooting clay pigeons since he was just a kid, and his accuracy was spot on. My buddy and I were nowhere near as good, but our instructor told us that the longer we practiced, the better we would get at it. Continue reading “Shooting Clay Pigeons with Friends”

He Can Still Do It

My grandfather used to be in the military, and he would tell me about all of the exciting things he did as a soldier. He told me that he was one of the best shooters in the army and could hit anything. When I told him about the place that offers clay shooting in Bristol, he jumped at the chance to show me just how great he was at shooting. I figured that his shooting skills had diminished since he was older and had been out of practice for so many years, but I was totally wrong.

Once we got to the shooting area, my grandfather started shooting at the clay pigeons as they were thrown and he hit every one. Everyone was looking at him with their jaws dropped. To think, a man at his age could hold the gun and shoot it like it was second nature, and still it every single target. People started taking out their cameras and recording him as he was still shooting at the pigeons. Continue reading “He Can Still Do It”

Every Action Does Make a Difference

I used to not really think about this planet all that much. I mean, it is home and all of that, and of course I have heard about recycling and green energy. I just figured that I am one person, and what I do or do not do cannot have any effect on our environment. The owner of the company that I work at felt the same way, but then he sold the business to someone else. One of the first meetings we all had with the new owner was about waste reduction and recycling.

I will admit that I did not think too much about this. I felt the first meeting should be about something a lot more important, but I was soon put in my place, and rightfully so. The reason why we were having this meeting was not 100 percent about the earth. Continue reading “Every Action Does Make a Difference”

Started to Plan a Big Banquet

We were going to try to figure out how to do this, so the main objective is to make sure that we do it without displeasing anyone and particularly in not offending anyone. The big bosses were the ones you really have to worry about, them and their husbands and wives. For example if you hire a rock musician that might find a lot of trouble, but if you get something boring like an after dinner magician then you are going to bore a lot of people. Of course the magician likely is not going to offend people based on religion or bad language. Most of them are not really going to do that much of anything, but we looked into this. Continue reading “Started to Plan a Big Banquet”

Visiting a Gun Shop in Bristol Was Like Visiting an Art Gallery of Finely Crafted Guns

Even though the UK has some of the strictest gun laws I have seen anywhere, my cousins have a lot of fun shooting clays every weekend. I am used to being in America where, as a law-abiding adult, I can buy a shotgun to go shooting with without having to jump through any hoops. We can even own them for self-protection. The laws are very strict in the UK, but you can own shotguns for sport and hunting. My cousin took me to a gun shop in Bristol when we visited them last summer. They have some really beautiful shotguns. The gun shops back home have a lot more mass produced items, and these shotguns were like works of art to me. Continue reading “Visiting a Gun Shop in Bristol Was Like Visiting an Art Gallery of Finely Crafted Guns”

The Great Business of Computer Technology

I love being in the technology industry. It is so fast-paced and exciting. I love the many things that can be done with computers. They can be used to run multi-billion dollar corporations, educating children and adults, and just for playing games with people around the world. After years of working for other people, I decided to branch out on my own. My wife Hani and I started our own web design company. We have many clients. We are on our way to being the next multi-billion dollar tech firm in the entire world.

I always had a passion for computers ever since I was a child. My parents gave a computer at the age of seven. They wanted me to use it as a tool for learning. I absorbed all the knowledge that I could. One day, a computer scientist visited our school and told us about his career. I was so impressed by him. I thought that he had the coolest job in the world. I realized that I had found my calling in life.

In college, I made good grades and learned as much as I could about computers. I also interned as a computer corporation. I met my future wife Hani at this company. Continue reading “The Great Business of Computer Technology”

Such a Relaxing Day at Natural Beauty

When a friend promised to send me to a beauty salon in Bristol, I got surprisingly nervous. I am what you would call a low maintenance woman. I never spend a lot of time putting on cosmetics or primping my hair. I’ll put on some foundation and some conservative eye liner or lipstick, but that is about it for me. So the idea of going into a salon and getting a fancy facial and perhaps even a massage seemed bizarre. In a weird way I was sort of angry about it. I thought my friend was sending me a signal that I needed help.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. My friend just wanted me to have an enjoyable experience at a nice place that caters to women. When I arrived for my appointment, I had a tough time figuring out what I was going to get. Continue reading “Such a Relaxing Day at Natural Beauty”

Started to Plan a Party for the Company

I was minding my own business when the boss told me that he was going to put me in charge of planning this event that we were having. Of course it was a big thing for me, but I had no clue what to do really. The only parties I have ever planned involved a keg and a lot of red solo cups, so I have no real clue what is the appropriate thing to do. For instance if you go on the web you find people that provide corporate entertainment, but I can not help except to think about what is going to please the majority of the people. Continue reading “Started to Plan a Party for the Company”

Shopping for Equestrian Gear with My Niece

When my niece first expressed interest in the sport, I did not realize how much equipment was required. Not only do you have to worry about purchasing care for the horse, but you also have to think about your own apparel. My niece recently asked me to take her shopping for horse riding clothes that she could wear for her next competition. I don’t spend as much time with her as I would like, so I jumped at the opportunity to go shopping with her. I invited her over my house, and we started to browse her favorite website for this type of gear.

She opened up the website and went straight to the rider section. She knew exactly where to go, as I imagine she spends hours upon hours on this site on a regular basis. I immediately set my eyes on an exquisite competition jacket. Continue reading “Shopping for Equestrian Gear with My Niece”