Every Action Does Make a Difference

I used to not really think about this planet all that much. I mean, it is home and all of that, and of course I have heard about recycling and green energy. I just figured that I am one person, and what I do or do not do cannot have any effect on our environment. The owner of the company that I work at felt the same way, but then he sold the business to someone else. One of the first meetings we all had with the new owner was about waste reduction and recycling.

I will admit that I did not think too much about this. I felt the first meeting should be about something a lot more important, but I was soon put in my place, and rightfully so. The reason why we were having this meeting was not 100 percent about the earth. It was about good common business sense too. They had looked at several reports of our operations, and they found that we were wasting a whole lot more resources than what we needed to. They showed us different projections on how we could save money, which would be beneficial to all of us since our bonuses would depend on the end of year revenue.

They had contracted a company called VisionRe to come in and help us out with every wasteful action we were taking. I thought it would be a couple of things, but they surprised all of us with what can be recycled and reused. We are all more environmentally friendly now, and our bonus checks are going to reflect that. What is just as nice is that we all got an education about this planet of ours, and I now realize that every action that I take on my own really does make a difference!