Shooting Clay Pigeons with Friends

When my buddy told me he wanted to go clay pigeon shooting, I invited myself along. I had no idea what all it involved or where we would even go to do this, but it just sounded like fun. He told me he had never shot clays before either, but his enthusiasm was just as strong as mine. We looked around at different places that offer this kind of shooting, and we decided that Lady’s Wood would be the best place. They offer instruction to people like us, and the reviews that we read from others who learned there was all the proof we needed that this was the right place to learn.

Our instructor was friendly, and he was extremely knowledgeable about the sport. He told us he had been shooting clay pigeons since he was just a kid, and his accuracy was spot on. My buddy and I were nowhere near as good, but our instructor told us that the longer we practiced, the better we would get at it. We both have experience around guns, but he still insisted on taking us through a gun safety lesson. That alone made me like this training session so much.

We spent a couple of hours there, and we both knew that we would be back. The next time we went, we were able to just start shooting the clay pigeons, because we did not need to go through the instruction again for it. We had a lot of fun, and each time we went back it seemed more and more friends were going with us. Right now, there are usually about ten of us that go at least monthly, and we are having so much fun. It is fun to just shoot the clay pigeons, but it is even better spending this time with good friends.