Started to Plan a Party for the Company

I was minding my own business when the boss told me that he was going to put me in charge of planning this event that we were having. Of course it was a big thing for me, but I had no clue what to do really. The only parties I have ever planned involved a keg and a lot of red solo cups, so I have no real clue what is the appropriate thing to do. For instance if you go on the web you find people that provide corporate entertainment, but I can not help except to think about what is going to please the majority of the people. As they say you can not please all of the people all of the time, but in this case it seems to be most important that you do not offend so many people that it defeats your entire purpose. You can not get anything that offends anyone, so if you get a comedian, he has a very limited range of topics available for his humor.

Of course you do not want to be lame either, but that is what you probably will be if you do something that does not offend anyone. In fact I have read that some of the biggest names in entertainment do some of these shows, for example in America a billionaire hired Paul McCartney to play his birthday party. A rock star like that is not going to lift a finger unless you bring a great big pile of cash to motivate him. For one thing I have heard that every single member of the band is going to get thousands of dollars per show, if they are just a contractor. If the bass player is an equal shareholder in the band, then he is going to cost more.

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