Such a Relaxing Day at Natural Beauty

When a friend promised to send me to a beauty salon in Bristol, I got surprisingly nervous. I am what you would call a low maintenance woman. I never spend a lot of time putting on cosmetics or primping my hair. I’ll put on some foundation and some conservative eye liner or lipstick, but that is about it for me. So the idea of going into a salon and getting a fancy facial and perhaps even a massage seemed bizarre. In a weird way I was sort of angry about it. I thought my friend was sending me a signal that I needed help.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. My friend just wanted me to have an enjoyable experience at a nice place that caters to women. When I arrived for my appointment, I had a tough time figuring out what I was going to get. What type of facial? Should I get a massage too? It was so hard to choose and of course I had no idea what any of these things would do or what they meant. I let the person working at the salon decide what I should do and went with their suggestion.

I got something called a radiance facial, which took about an hour, that promised to clear up skin congestion that would leave my face glowing. I also got a top to toe massage that went along with the facial. Two hours later I felt like an entirely different person! My body felt so relaxed and stress free that I wondered why I had never tried anything like this before. My face glowed, so much so that when I arrived home my husband did a double take and went on and on about how I looked ten years younger! You can’t beat a day at Natural Beauty!

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