Visiting a Gun Shop in Bristol Was Like Visiting an Art Gallery of Finely Crafted Guns

Even though the UK has some of the strictest gun laws I have seen anywhere, my cousins have a lot of fun shooting clays every weekend. I am used to being in America where, as a law-abiding adult, I can buy a shotgun to go shooting with without having to jump through any hoops. We can even own them for self-protection. The laws are very strict in the UK, but you can own shotguns for sport and hunting. My cousin took me to a gun shop in Bristol when we visited them last summer. They have some really beautiful shotguns. The gun shops back home have a lot more mass produced items, and these shotguns were like works of art to me.

I saw some side by side 12 gauge models that were crafted so well that the wood of the stocks looked like it grew out of the metal it was mated to. Amazing craftsmanship in those guns. Plus, the gun shop in Bristol will help you get a gun specifically fitted to your reach. This way your cheek weld on the shotgun is at the precise place and height it needs to be to become an expert clay shooter. I learned to shoot clays using a production model gun my parents bought me when I was a teenager. I got to shoot a 12 gauge over/under that felt like it was made for me. It belongs to one of my cousins who is the same height and build as me.

Back home I do a lot of pistol shooting in competitions, and handguns are highly regulated in the UK. It is so much easier to be able to go shoot clays. Over in the UK you even have to register replica guns that shoot plastic pellets. It is different, but the shooting sports are still just as fun. Maybe even more so because of those really finely made guns.